I’ve always enjoyed writing and currently, as a Chartered Accountant, the only “expressive” writing I do is around numbers. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while. The idea surfaces after an enthralling holiday however when a busy life captures again, the idea goes into hibernation.

So why start now? Every time my husband brings up the idea of me writing a blog, I blame him for not setting up the blog for me (it’s just really procrastination). Well guess what, he’s set up my blog page and kicked my ass into writing gear. When I think about this new venture, the feeling is daunting as well as exhilarating. I’ve always admired bloggers, putting yourself out there openly and honestly for the world to judge and criticize is no effortless task. But the slightest possibility that this blog can inspire and assist people to travel far outweighs.

The aim of my blog is to give my quirky take on travelling the world, in the hope of inspiring others to get bitten by the bug. The layout will have my travel experience detailed in the body, with a “cheat sheet”, containing pertinent information. If you need any additional information, I’m more than happy for you to contact me. It excites me to assist people with travel. Of course, all photographs shared would have been captured by my favourite photographer, my husband.

Travel is beautiful for the mind and soul. It leaves a permanent stain on your heart, which develops into a pattern (habit) the more you travel. While the stamps in your passport may fade, the tattoo that travels leave imprinted in your heart and mind is permanent. So go on, I challenge you to tattoo your passport!